« Play Time – The first 20 years of Gameloft »

Play Time – The first 20 years of Gameloft

Internal diffusion
Editorial coordination for Gameloft : Stephanie Cazaux-Moutou and Pascal Sontag
Concept and production: le cherche-midi éditeur
Texts and interviews : Olivia Snaije
Graphic design and layout: Caroline Keppy et Antoine Laffolay
Iconography: Caroline Pochoy
152 pages
250 images

This is not just a book. This is a celebration.

This book is about stories, passion, and adrenaline, about cultures around the world, about intuition and revolution, about art and craft, speed and fun, sheer joy, and also complexity.

It’s about people and communities, virtual and real. It’s about good and bad surprises, the freedom of escapism, glorious but also unpredictable days.

It’s about amazement, imagination, and agility, innovation and new technologies, disruption and mastery, small details and gigantic universes, entertainment and creation, fantasy and ambition.

This is not just a book. This is Gameloft.

« Company anniversaries are a way to celebrate your legacy; to show where you come from and your place in the industry. Gameloft was there at the very beginning and was one of the first companies to create video games for mobile phones at a time where it wasn’t even a thing!

We figured that a book was one of the best ways to portray our history because it is something that lasts forever and could showcase Gameloft’s art and craft and its major milestones. There are a lot of books on the history of gaming, but not that many focus on mobile. It’s something that’s kind of disregarded or seen to be not as noble as traditional gaming but the truth is, mobile is the biggest market for games today. I liked the idea of doing something physical and tangible that lasted forever to represent a digital company. We don’t have boxes or cases in stores. It’s been 20 years of digital! »

– Pascal Sontag